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Blue Acorn

Silicone Bag Small


These silicone bags are really useful, they have plenty of uses for food - snacks for on the go, packing your lunch, leftovers, storing food in the pantry, fridge or freezer.

We love them for popping nuts, dried fruit and pretzels in when we head out for a walk in the hills or taking popcorn to the movies

There are many other ways to use these handy bags in your daily life, everything from storing stationery, cables, phone chargers or toiletries.

For a good seal, once filled you need to make sure to get all the air out (burp it) before closing with the pinch seal.

Not recommended for liquids.

Can be used in the fridge, freezer and microwave.

Be careful with sharp objects as it could pierce them.

You can wash by hand with warm water and soap or in the dishwasher.

These come in 3 sizes:

Small – 19cm x 12cm x 1.5 cm

Medium – 19cm x 18cm x 2 cm

Large – 22cm x 26cm x 3 cm

Or as a set of all 3