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Our Story

We are a family of four living near the Port Hills in Christchurch. The ‘why’ behind Blue Acorn is we were wanting food and drink storage especially for our kids that didn't contain plastic, due to the impact it can have on our environment and also on our health.

Our name ‘Blue Acorn’ started from an acorn necklace I was given which I love, then soon after we spent 7 weeks in the Christchurch Hospital NICU when our first son was born. There was an artwork on the wall that read ‘mighty oaks from little acorns grow’ this was there to give strength and hope for the future to all the families with their little ones staying in the NICU, this saying has stayed with me, especially as we watch our little boys grow.

When looking to name our business I kept coming back to that saying, with its many meanings, one being if we can all make little changes then eventually that will grow into big changes and outcomes, as for the blue, we love the ocean and waterways, so are wanting to help look after them.