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Blue Acorn

Biodegradable Cloths 6 Set


These cloths are amazing, the best we have ever used. 

They are durable and absorbent, good for all kitchen, bathroom or general cleaning, give them a good squeeze out after use and they dry quickly, no more manky cloths. 

They are made from cotton and plant cellulose, they will last about 9 months, once you have finished with them they are biodegradable or home compostable.

You can keep a dry one in a bag/container in the car or your bag and just add water to cloth when required and they can be used like wipes, once wet they become soft.

Easy to wash, just pop them in the top rack of the dishwasher or in the washing machine.

We have them in 2 sizes – regular 17cm x 20cm and large 25cm x 30cm