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Blue Acorn

Stainless Steel Lunchbox - 1200ml


This lunch box is stainless steel 304 food grade, making it a healthy choice for packing your lunch/dinner for work or school. 

They are durable and long lasting, this style has a silicone seal making it leakproof.
We use them for school lunches and taking on picnics. You can engrave or use stickers to personalise or add some colour and fun. 

They are also good for getting takeaways in too, remember if the takeaways are hot the stainless steel will be too, so make sure you have a carry bag to put them in.

Another great thing is they are easy to wash, just pop in the dishwasher or wash by hand with warm soapy water, not for use in the microwave.

The silicone seal is removable, do not use anything sharp to do this, it will be stiffer at first to remove but will become easier, it needs to be inserted properly to be leakproof.

You can choose the option of a Bento style lunch box with 3 fixed compartments, or with a removable divider.

As for the clips, our kids say they start off firm and get easier after using for a few days or weeks.

L: 19.5cm, W:14.5cm, H: 6.5cm, W: 353-405g, Capacity :1200ml

To compare between the 1400ml and 1200ml 3 compartment

1400 ml – The larger area is 2/3 of the box and the 2 smaller areas share the remaining.

1200ml - The larger area is half the box and the 2 smaller areas are a ¼ each.

It just depends on how you want to fill them up as to which you choose.